When going to the cinema is research…not bunking off!


So 10am yesterday morning finds me in a the cinema waiting for T2 Trainspotting to start. There’s me and a cool looking couple in their forties and a man in a mac. There’s always a man in a mac alone in the cinema  isn’t there? I’d convinced myself that I was there for research purposes. The themes in my current work-in-progress are also covered in the much anticipated sequel. Getting older, nostalgia, regret, screwing it up and friendship. But really I was just desperate to see it. To say I’d seen it is probably more accurate. I’ve thought long and hard afterwards about why it felt so good to see the ultimate losers of Renton, Sickboy, Spud and Begby again. It was my ten year old son who gave me the answer. I played Born Slippy by  Underworld to him, the highly recognisable theme tune from the original film. I was amazed he didn’t love it. “How can you not love it? I demanded. “This was the biggest song on the planet twenty years ago.” “Exactly,” he shrugged.  And that was when I realised that what all us forty somethings are really  excited about is the fact that Trainspotting  reminds us that we were cool once. Twenty years ago, we were at the cutting edge of a cultural phenomena – we were it – the generation that discovered and celebrated something new and different and shocking and brilliant. And no-one, not even a ten year old can take that away from me in my middle-age. So I will go and see the sequel and pretend I’m cool again and pretend it’s research for my latest novel and tell everyone that’s what I’ve have done.

What authors do to avoid writing…

So I’m at a really tricky bit in my latest novel. I’ve been here before and I know the only answer is to crack on and write through it. Don’t over think it just write and the answer will appear. Instead of following my own advice however I will typically  find anything possible to avoid the pain of sitting and staring at a screen when the words aren’t flowing. Today’s attractive distraction so far is this. img_1920

I am choosing to try and mend the dishwasher which hasn’t drained rather than trying to work out my protagonists husbands motivation in chapter 25!

Now I have walked away from the dishwasher and chosen to write about mending the dishwasher rather than work out my protagonists husbands motivation in chapter 25!

My prediction on how my day will go….I don’t see me solving either by the end of the day.

Hello – It’s me!

I know, I know, I haven’t written anything here for a while but in the interests of starting 2017 as I mean to go on, I have vowed to share more with those willing listen. So thank you if you are reading this. I will do my best to provide some nougats of entertainment and information.

2017 finds me half way through writing my sixth novel!!  Wowser – how did that happen?So today I have decided to share what I’ve learnt having written five and a half books.

  1. That the bit you thought was hilarious, no-one seems to notice, but something you thought wasn’t that funny, cracks people up. Comedy is weird, weird thing.
  2. Most 60+ yr old men I meet think I write erotic novels and make jokes about sex and Tuesdays. I will write the book they think I wrote one day!
  3. Nothing beats the thrill of receiving your book published in Serbia covered in pictures of bonking rabbits?
  4. The people who ask me how to get a book published but haven’t actually written anything yet, I know will never be published.
  5. A huge amount of television needs to be watched for research purposes.
  6. Social media is the time enemy of all writers but without it we’d be lonely during the day and would eat more biscuits. Facebook is my current diet of choice.
  7. Writers are the only workers on the planet who wish they could attend more meetings. Just let me talk please!
  8. Writing can make you so happy and full of joy when it’s going right and so cross and wretched when it isn’t, but you know it’s worth it in the end.  A bit like marriage really!

I will end on a wine and book  recommendation since I have just been  on a trip to New Zealand and consumed much of both! My favourite novel was an oldie from Jojo Moyes, called The Last Letter From Your Lover. An absolute classic love story but with some superb twists. I couldn’t put it down. And this was drunk by this view. Both divine.

Back soon – Tracy x