Why am I stockpiling cushions?

Hi all…..I sincerely hope I find you all well.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and document the in’s and outs of what is happening right now for future reference. Already I’m struggling to remember the way I felt last week so I’m going to do a diary of sorts. I’m not expecting you to feel at all interested so please feel free to unfollow my blog if you want to.

I sat down with my son yesterday morning to try and recall any key points so far and here it is:

Saturday February 15th

We went to London on the train. The four of us. My family. Nine cases had been reported in the UK as of the 13th February. We avoided China Town!!! We went to the theatre to see The Magic That Goes Wrong then queued to get into Pizza Express. There we learnt that Caroline Flack had tragically committed suicide. #Bekind trended on Twitter in her memory to encourage us to love one another. Sat in the Microsoft shop on Oxford Street whilst the family played on Xbox’s on a rainy day and cried as I listened to Laura Whitmore’s tribute on Radio 5.

Sunday 8th March

Having been involved in the organisation  of the Scout Jumble Sale scheduled for next week we took all our jumble down early on Sunday.

Monday 9th March

Jumble sale cancelled. Fetched all the jumble back including a 4ft high giraffe.

Friday 13th March

Quiz and Chips fundraiser cancelled at school. Four families congregated and did our own quiz and chips. The quiz masters were a Vet and a University lecturer. It was a hard quiz!!! Nowhere near enough celebrity trivia.

Saturday 14th March

An emotional speech from the run director at what would become the last Park Run at  Markeaton Park. Did my best time in a while owing to my dry lent and not running with a slight hangover which is generally the norm.

Sunday 15th March

My daughter’s dance competition cancelled in Tamworth. Slight relief as we were going to have to be there for 6 hours and do two 3 minute routines. Now cannot wait to have that opportunity again!!

Monday 16th March

Spent a very happy morning putting an IKEA sofa together. Went out for supplies. First time in a Boots and was shocked to see so many empty shelves. Tried to buy Calpol for a friends daughter suffering with a sore throat. No chance.

Tuesday 17th March

Demand increasing for schools to be closed. My son is asked to take off his uniform and put on his tennis gear outside his friends house to avoid any contamination entering his home. My daughter elects not to go to her gymnastics class.

Wednesday 18th March

Another sobering visit to the shops to buy supplies for parents. Empty shelves and queues at tills. Visited my mum and dad but stood outside and didn’t hug. Went for a dog walk with my mum keeping our distance. Boris announces schools are to close on Friday afternoon. And so the random shopping began. Jigsaws for my dad and for us. A laptop so my daughter could keep up with school work. Two pieces of board to make a makeshift table tennis table. Dropped in on the elderly brother and sister who live on a farm near us to give them my number incase they needed anything. Charlie had lost his oldest cow that day at 23yrs old. He said he would miss her.

Thursday 19th March

…the random purchases continued. A guitar!!! I’ve always wanted to learn so have decided now is my chance. Ink for the printer to make sure we can print out school work. Bought six cushions for a sofa that I’d been meaning to replace for some time. Corona is making me very decisive on soft furnishings. Then the sales assistant pointed out that I was perhaps stock piling cushions which made me feel very bad. My daughter came home in tears at the thought of schools closing. Park Runs officially cancelled.

Friday 20th March

My daughters last day in year 6 (more than likely). She’s utterly devastated at having to miss out on doing SATS (I know!) and their end of year play. I have no idea what to say to her. She think’s it’s unfair and ‘WHY THIS YEAR?’. I got way too deep into a parents debate over Whatsapp about whether we should be allowing them to do the traditional end of year activities such as signing shirts and clapping out. No-one knows what is the right thing to do. In the end the headteacher sent a letter saying school was not over – it had been interrupted – and we would not sign shirts or clap out as we had nothing to celebrate. I helped deliver leaflets to houses in our village alerting those self isolating that they could ring a number if they needed shopping. Passed a couple having a massive row on the street but who shut up when they realised I was doing ‘community work’. Our eleven year old daughter went to sleep in our bed – too upset to sleep on her own.

Saturday 21st March 

I ran 6.45km in lieu of park run. Met a year 6 mum on route and burst into tears. Got home and cried in the shower. Hard to know when to let the emotion out as so busy trying to hold it together in front of the kids. Cried in front of my thirteen year old son who hugged me and told me not to worry. Todays most random purchase was a 2 tables to build a lego city on! Spoke to our friends in Cardiff over Skype. They are a blended family and our friend finds himself suddenly homeschooling four children as his partner works for the NHS. Caved and had a couple of glasses of wine. We have been on dry lent for the third year running but I’m having real problems switching off so decide to give myself a break. Best nights sleep in a week.

Sunday 22nd March

Mother’s Day! Had to remind my family. Had cards without envelopes, chocs and flowers. Most importantly of all I had my family around me, so the perfect day. Me and my son discussed the events of the last week and he came up with a great analogy. It’s  like packing to go on holiday but you’ve no idea where you are going so you don’t know what you are going to need and so will probably end up not using half of it. I cleaned in the afternoon. Wanted to have the house ready for the working week. My husband went to see his Auntie in Leicester to sort out her Wifi and get her on Skype.  I went for a long walk with the kids and the dog  which was lovely and the sun shone – can’t beat that. My husband managed to link his mum down the road, his sister in New Zealand and his Auntie in Leicester over Skype. Thank goodness for technology!

Monday 23rd March

Day One of everyone working from home. We have a broad timetable. 9-12 work, 12-1 lunch, 1-2 walk, 2-4 free time, 4-5.30 some kind of fun activity. See how that goes. It’s nerve wracking as you feel very responsible for your children’s total well being and the opportunity to screw it up feels massive. I keep trying to tell myself to take my time, let it evolve, you can always adapt and be mindful that what suits your children might not suit others (ie: don’t worry about everyone else doing it better than you!!) Both are having work sent from school which is so helpful and so grateful to the teachers for organising this so quickly. I tried to work but ended up doing admin. I need to start writing a book but I’m finding it hard to decide what people will want to read in our new future. We also got hugely excited about taking part in the Taskmaster challenge via Twitter. Today they set the challenge of throwing a piece of paper into a bin in the most spectacular way. Somehow time ran away with us and we ended up cobbling something together in fifteen minutes. My nieces and nephews however did a spectacular job and we wait with baited breath to see if their videos make it into a montage tomorrow. My husband ran his first online scout meeting which seemed to go really well and involved kids ransacking their houses on a scavenger hunt. I just hope they all cleared up afterwards!  Boris announced pretty much total lockdown. Only allowed out for essential food, one piece of excercise a day, all non essential shops to close and weddings and baptisms cancelled.

Tuesday 24th March 

thumbnail_IMG_3844 First day on lockdown. A walk at 6.45am with my dog. What a beautiful day.






Wednesday 25th March

Woken up ironically to another beautiful day. Spring has always been my favourite month. So today I went and did food shopping for my parents and my in-laws. Arrived at Morrisons expecting it to be very quiet but had to queue for 20 minutes in an orderly fashion, 2m apart around the outside of the building so they could limit the amount of people inside. Plenty of fresh food available, packaged food still running low particularly tomato soup. Toilet rolls on the shelves – hurrah. Always good news when you see toilet rolls freely available. Some items limited to so many per shopper such as milk, cereal and fizzy drinks. Had a tricky moment when had to choose between my husbands fizzy drink of choice and my kids. The kids won!! We walked as a family at 5.30pm then came home and spent around an hour filming our next Taskmaster challenge which was to turn your bathroom into the sort of venue you might visit for a great night out. We went for a celebrity party. My daughter spent the afternoon making a limousine out of cardboard, my husband was the bouncer and a cardboard cut-out of George Clooney was the VIP guest. Went to bed exhausted!


12 thoughts on “Why am I stockpiling cushions?

  1. Hi Tracy

    Not sure if you’ll get this but I really enjoyed that.

    Thanks! Stay well all of you.


    1. Hi Shirley – so good to hear from you and lovely to know you enjoyed it. Was a bit nervous about posting as there are so many more worthy and interesting stories than mine but hopefully there was some light relief in there!! Stay well and looking forward to bumping into you at a Shed Seven concert soon!!

  2. Thanks for an interesting and great blog
    Really looking forward to your next book
    I hope you and yours stay well
    My grandson leaves junior school this year and hopes, still, to enjoy leavers events

    1. Good to hear form you Mike – thank you for your kind words and we are all praying here that leavers events still happen….and they will be the biggest and best ever!!

  3. Had a good read of your diary here in Tolland CT USA. Us ‘oldies’ are all well and walking our legs off. Hello to the St. Ronan’s Ave folks. Let’s all be safe and stay healthy. GLP

    1. Hi Georgette – excellent to hear from you and glad to hear you are making the most of walking – hope you’ve found some good places to go. Love to everyone in Tolland – see you soon hopefully xxx

  4. Thanks Tracy, it’s very kind of you to take the time to let’s us know how you are doing. Stay safe and keep writing xx Val

  5. I bought, The wife that got a life and thoroughly enjoyed it, and of course related to it, told my friends they “Have to read it”, especially, ‘The Chat’ of which I read to my husband who laughed out loud but get this started to do jobs when we got home so a massive thank you for that, I’m thinking of making a poster with the DSR quote on it and put it in the kitchen as a reminder to husband and son. Wish me luck.

    1. This is so cool. Blowing my mind that my book could have inspired your husband to do jobs round the house. Love it!!! Hope it continues – keep me informed. Thank you so much for getting in touch. Tracy x

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