4 Weeks to go – and I feel sick!


It’s exactly four weeks until my next book comes out! Yesterday I completed the final proofread and so it has now left the building for good. What is done is done. No more chances to change or tweak. This is why I feel sick. I think most authors are loathe to let go. There’s always that niggling feeling that you could still improve it in some way.  But as my husband says, ‘You are seeing the hole and not the Polo…’ (not sure how helpful that is!). I also feel sick because this one is a bit different. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still funny,  but when you write a book about a woman who discovers she has a terminal illness on the same day as her husband is having an affair….well… that is just a bit different isn’t it.

I’m going to put it out there that I think it’s my best yet…there I said it! I know I shouldn’t but I’m going to stick my neck out. Because this one has to be, you see. It was partly inspired by a very special person who always did her best, always bought her A-game. This is my A-game, which is why I feel sicker than usual sending back the proof. No doubt I will go through agonies over the next month until it’s in your hands and you can tell me what you think about how Jenny reacts to the two catastrophes in her life. I hope it makes you laugh and cry. Please do let me know.

THE LAST LAUGH is out on February 23rd 2018. You can pre-order here now.

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