When going to the cinema is research…not bunking off!


So 10am yesterday morning finds me in a the cinema waiting for T2 Trainspotting to start. There’s me and a cool looking couple in their forties and a man in a mac. There’s always a man in a mac alone in the cinema  isn’t there? I’d convinced myself that I was there for research purposes. The themes in my current work-in-progress are also covered in the much anticipated sequel. Getting older, nostalgia, regret, screwing it up and friendship. But really I was just desperate to see it. To say I’d seen it is probably more accurate. I’ve thought long and hard afterwards about why it felt so good to see the ultimate losers of Renton, Sickboy, Spud and Begby again. It was my ten year old son who gave me the answer. I played Born Slippy by  Underworld to him, the highly recognisable theme tune from the original film. I was amazed he didn’t love it. “How can you not love it? I demanded. “This was the biggest song on the planet twenty years ago.” “Exactly,” he shrugged.  And that was when I realised that what all us forty somethings are really  excited about is the fact that Trainspotting  reminds us that we were cool once. Twenty years ago, we were at the cutting edge of a cultural phenomena – we were it – the generation that discovered and celebrated something new and different and shocking and brilliant. And no-one, not even a ten year old can take that away from me in my middle-age. So I will go and see the sequel and pretend I’m cool again and pretend it’s research for my latest novel and tell everyone that’s what I’ve have done.

One thought on “When going to the cinema is research…not bunking off!

  1. We all want to remember when we were cool, Tracy. What do I mean “remember”. We all want to REMAIN cool. And we are. It’s just that our children – and other younger people – don’t recognise it in us.
    Hope you enjoyed the film

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