Hi Everyone – here’s some news on my new book which I thought I’d try to deliver to you in person…sort of.

NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX IN THE SUBURBS  is the sequel to NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY but don’t worry if you haven’t read that one as no previous experience is necessary. It has been an utter joy to go back to characters I already know and love especially Daniel and Braindead! Somehow they wrote themselves which is something I’ve never experienced before as a writer. Both of their unique senses of humour came flooding back which I hope will ensure you find some laugh-out-loud moments.

You can pre-order for just £1.99 now if you like then it should land with you on the 23rd June. I’m very keen to hear what you think of it so don’t forget to get in touch and let me know or leave a review.

Have a great weekend.

Tracy xx

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