I named my novel after a chat-up line that Ben, one of the lead characters, uses to convince Katy to go on a first date with him. When she expresses concern that his intentions may not be entirely honourable he tells her they should go out on a Tuesday because “No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday.”
As part of my book launch I decided I’d check out if there is any truth in Ben’s theory and so with the help of Mustard Research based in Manchester we ran an online poll asking participants which day of the week they are most likely to have sex. Turns out Ben is a bit of a genius as Tuesday was indeed the least popular day for some bedroom action with just 2% of the participants picking this day.
But why is this? Ben has some theories of his own that he is more than happy to share with Katy but I wondered why the great British public were so anti-Tuesday.
Turns out we’re all just too sober! The top response at 22% said that either themselves or their partners were just too sober for sex on a Tuesday. Not that far behind at 17% was that it was a good night on the telly that was distracting them from the allure of their partners! And for women the 3rd highest answer was “too busy with jobs”. Funnily enough this answer was well down the list for men!

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